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Finally, Florence

Although my tour of Italy technically finished with Milan, I didn’t really spend any time downtown or doing any sightseeing (it was more a day of relaxation, wine, and eating), so Florence “capped” the trip. There is something for everyone in Florence. Foodies, wine aficionados, history-lovers, party people, shoppers, hikers, and explorers can all find […]

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The Tuscany Tour

Since I stayed longer in Florence, I’ll talk about the Tuscan countryside first. I joined a tour with my coworker, Alycia, since we were both going to be in Florence at the same time. She had already booked the tickets with her husband and another couple, but said I was welcome to come along, and […]

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Two Out of Five Ain’t Bad

Regrets, I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention. If I had known about the Cinque Terre sooner (instead of booking a day last-minute), I would have opted to spend a lot more time there. However, I saw it as an opportunity to “scout” for myself and Aimee, and others potentially thinking […]

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The Eternal City, Top to Bottom

Rome was, in a word, intense. Getting through the train station, Roma Termini, was eye-opening. North America doesn’t match Europe for train networks. I counted between 25 and 30 rails (~15 platforms) in Roma Termini, and the massive clusters of people let me know right away that I was in a busy city. Roma Termini was probably the size […]

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Ahh, Venice

My desire to see the legendary city of merchants and Marco Polo comes from my childhood. One of the ultimate expressions of humanity’s defiance of the natural world, the opulent lagoon city was brought to me by the romance and adventure of Indiana Jones and the music of Vivaldi (a regular occurrence in my household […]

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